Help us to build the future we all deserve.

Connected, efficient, dynamic, beautiful and inevitable. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain are offering the toolset we need to plant new ideas and harvest the fruits. We seek for the most talented and enthusiastic scientist, econmists, engineers and artist.

Data Analyst – People Data Solutions
Software Engineer, Data
Software Engineer, Data
Software Engineer, Data
Executive Assistant, Public Policy
Consumer Researcher
Federal Government Policy Lead
Electrical Engineer, Robotics
Global Threat Analyst, Executive Protection
Market Strategy, Connectivity
Data Scientist, Analytics
Data Scientist, Analytics
Microfabrication Process Engineer
Software Engineer, Neural Signals Research
Corporate Communications Manager
Public Policy Manager (Regulated Industries, Healthcare)
Decision Science Manager, International
Data Science Strategist, Connectivity Analytics
Analytics Director, AR/VR
Electrical Engineer, Implant Systems